From Trevor:

For as long as I can remember, I have always had the dream to sing for people. When I was younger, I would daydream about stories and life lessons told in the songs of so many great artists. I take inspiration from the works of many amazing musicians and writers; everyone from Garth Brooks to Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra to Vince Gill, Etta James to Patsy Cline, the list goes on and on.

     I grew up in southeastern Oklahoma in a small town called Savanna! I grew up on a farm and since the moment I could walk, I have had an animal of some kind by my side as often as I possibly could! I continue to work and live on that same farm today, and I still keep my animals with me whenever I can! That can be hard sometimes though.. My farm consists of a large number of unruly goats and one spoiled cow! I enjoy the lifestyle of being a farmer and I hope to always be able to live it! 

     In the last few years I have taken up song writing, and have come to find that I enjoy it very much! Writing down things from my life - my past, my desires, my dreams - and creating a song has became therapeutic for me, in a way! I have lived through my fair share of hardships and dark times in my life and those have made me the man that I am today! God has carried me through this life and continues to day by day. I am truly blessed by being able to do what I love with a group of wonderful people!  

More About Trevor:

Relatively new to the music industry, Trevor McBane is a faith-driven soulful, gritty singer from Southeastern Oklahoma who’s run in the music industry has led to rapid success.

McBane’s music career found it’s start when he was a part of forming, and fronting, a Christian folk band, “Consider the Raven“ in 2015. Shortly after the band dissolved in July of 2017, Trevor began pursuing a solo music career and attending the Academy of Contemporary Music of the University of Central Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City, OK. During his first year at ACM@UCO, Trevor auditioned for season 1 of ABC’s American Idol. Little did he know what doors were being opened as he stood in line in Tulsa, OK at 5 a.m. on August 30 of 2017. Trevor quickly found success on American Idol, making it to the revered Hollywood week, being one of the 169 out of over 400,000 other contestants. Two months later, McBane found himself as one of the top 24 contestants and being able to collaborate with the artist Bishop Briggs on the show. While on American Idol Trevor received advice on the importance of song choice from Luke Bryan, career longevity and image creation advice from Katy Perry, and career enhancing advise from Lionel Richie. After being exposed on a platform as large as American Idol, Trevor McBane has hit the ground running, writing and preparing music from the day he was let go from the show.